Well well well it’s REWIND time

Stepan Barutkin
3 min readJan 7, 2021

On the 14th of January in this year I wrote a post called “My Four New Year’s Resolutions”, here it is: https://link.medium.com/oBCTjFFEAcb

Today I’m going to share with you my progress in achieving them + I’ll share my impressions about the year 2🦠2🦠 😷

Let’s get started!

My first New Year Resolution was “Stop being late anywhere.”

Well, I can say that I’ve achieved it to some point. I mean, we’re on distance learning since March, so all our classes are in Zoom now and it’s difficult to be late for them, you know. But I’m kinda a talented person and I sometimes can do this😆 as it’s more difficult to keep track of the time when you’re home alone and think you’ll be on time for class even if you wake up a minute before it #only2020studentsunderstand

My second resolution was “Finish the family tree

And so did I. Just check this out.

MyHeritage Family three with 6 generations

My third Resolution was “Don’t go to bed so late and go to bed on time.” And it’s so hilarious that I’m just going to quote it there:

Of course I know that students life includes 3 — 5 hours of sleep (#stereotypes😒) but when I sometimes have to sleep for 5 hours, I do not recover at all and go all day tired😴 So, my goal is to get all my things done on time, start getting ready for bed at 23:00 and fall asleep at 00:00 to get at least 7 hours of healthy sleep. That would be enough😌

From this point of time, I just want to say: “Ahahah maaan do you know what you’re talking about???”

Before the session at the end of May and recently I have not only began to go to bed late and sleep less, but also sometimes fall asleep from fatigue in the afternoon. All this undoubtedly affects my vision and psyche. Thank God the New Year is coming soon, then the session and the week of holidays in early February. Just you wait, just you wait…

And my last New Year Resolution was “Walk more. Just because it’s healthy for you”.

I can say that in this year this phrase has a special meaning: when you drive by bus instead of going on foot, it’s not very healthy for your heart and feet, but also your chance of getting COVID-19 is decreasing, as a in the bus there almost always a crowd and the people often don’t wear masks… I’m not a sociophobe, but brrrrr😖

So, that was the review of my past New Years Resolutions (I’m not going to write the new ones, because maybe we will have such a task later), and now let’s quickly run through the whole year, without saying anything about Coronavirus, because I’m so tired with this word. In case of emergency I will write “👑🦠” instead, ok?

2 0 2 0 R E W I N D — D N I W E R 0 2 0 2

Well, for me the New Year 2020 started in Germany. I’m not going to write here why/how/what, if you’re interested, you can read about my 2019/2020 holidays in Germany in this blogpost is wrote by a more talented writer than me https://link.medium.com/b5if2DOERcb

…and at this point my last hour of writing was gone and none of my progress is saved. I cannot rewrite anything that was there, but believe me, it was a detailed description of my year 2020 from month to month… nevermind, maybe it was too detailed and the fact that nothing is left and anything was deleted is a sing for me not to write too much about myself on the internet?🧐 Maybe maybe…

Well, it’s time to finish today’s blogpost (which I started to write even before new year but I freaked out and stopped writing after that large erasure is made not by me).

I wish you a Happy New year and Merry Christmas! (better late than never, I guess)

I will write a new blogpost ASAP (as I have a task to write it)

See ya later!✌️😸




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