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Stepan Barutkin
5 min readJun 9, 2021

Good shining morning or rainy evening or whenever you’re reading this!

My name is still Stepan Barutkin, I’m still a student of LUNN (a happy one, I should say) and this is another entry of my magnificent, splendid, gorgeous, beautiful, glorious, wonderful and just outstanding blog😇

Today I’m going to describe my 2020/2021 studying year month-to-month (+ pictures), because these days are the very last days of my sophomore year in LUNN (hello, exam session👋)

So let’s begin!!!


This was the time of my internship in the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Abkhazia. You can read more here:


We finally came back to the full-time study at the university after six month of distance learning. Of course we had only English practice and seminars at university, all lectures were still online (surprise-surprise they are still online in May) I was really glad to see my groupmates again, and it’s a pity that Egor Kabanov and Павел Евстигнеев left us😪

at my dacha Dubki


On the 20th of November I finally got my drivers license🥳 and… we had descended to distance learning. Again. Not much about studying here in November, isn’t it?😅


My December was very special. From December 4 to 19, despite all covid restrictions, I was in Germany with my girlfriend k.nadjuscha, thanks to the program #loveisnottourism and because of our distance learning, I could attend all the classes at the university, though waking up at 6:00 (time difference between Russia and Germany in winter is 2 hours) was sometimes (always) excruciating😣 anyway we had a great time together in those two weeks, but then it was time to say “bis bald”…

The New Year and January

As we didn’t have lessons till 11 January, there’s a little I can write about. For more of my New Years’s and Christmas blogposts visit this: and this:


In February I successfully passed my Winter session and increased my scholarship🤑 then we had a week of holidays and FINALLY CAME BACK TO FULL-TIME LEARNING, which is still continuing. I hope this will last forever now and we won’t need to study in Zoom anymore🙏 (though it was good enough both when I was learning to drive and when I was in Germany💁🏻‍♂️) Here I should say that we still have some of our subjects distantly.

And one more important thing was in February. In the second semester we started to learn German language🇩🇪🥳 though it was only A1 level and it’s still too easy for me with my ‼️B1‼️😹😹😹


We celebrated «International Women’s Day March 8» on March 5. We congratulated the girls from our group and our dear English teacher Anna Vladimirovna, gave them flowers and candies, then drank tee and ate cake just like in the good old days. The only difference was that by “we” I mean only me and my best university friend and the only other male-student from our group Anatoliy Ivanov (since Nikita Kabishev left to Magdeburg for a semester on the student mobility program) ((I want to go there next semester, too))


In our English classes we were learning different structures: infinitive, gerund, participle and of course MODAL VERBS. All went smooth. On our German classes with our wise teacher Sergey Nikolaevich we… my groupmates were learning some basic topics, that I even don’t remember (oh, I remember that they were playing games with German words and their translations to memorize them!).

All that happened while I was learning at University of Hradec Králové in Czech Republic🇨🇿😎 (but of course only distantly) my online semester there was from the 8th of February till the 15th of May, so let’s move to the final month of spring semester, let’s move to –


So, in May I finished my Distance Virtual Mobility in UHK with all A’s, then I had my 20th birthday even twice (with relatives and with friends)…

…and I forget to notice the most important thing in April – that Nadja finally came to me in Russia and in LUNN (actually she wanted to come even earlier, but the borders with Germany were closed even to foreign students, like I wrote before). So began our interesting life of a young couple❣️

here we are in June

Since nobody won’t read it except A.V., Tolya and Nadja, I think it’s better to wrap up. So, as always, this studying year was awesome, very special and had positive and some negative moments, but since there was more fun than sadness, I can call it a happy time😇

I hope you also had a good time reading this blogpost, I want to thank all and every one for being with me, helping and just charging me with positive emotions and good mood, I hope that I also did it for you because I believe that the human communications are a mutual process of enrichment☯️😌

My dear group B101(a)IR on the 8th of March in 2020

So, I’m looking forward to the third studying year when I will a be so-called Junior🤓 I’ll write here about it then X)

I wish everyone only positive vibes and good luck✨✌️

So, see you later in my blog, folks!😸




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