My vacation. Wrote on a train to NN

Good morning, my blog!😸

Here I am, coming to Nizhny Novgorod after my 2 weeks vacation. And today is our first study day since the distance learning that started on the 16th of November! Today is a really great day!!!

As for my vacation, I can say that I spent it quite productively. I played the synthesizer. (piano keyboards 🎹) which I was given for on this New Year and I painted this painting as a present for my parents‘ 20th wedding anniversary🖼👰🏻💍🤵🏼

I painted it using numbers, to be honest😅

So, now my train is coming to Moskovsky railway station (in Nizhny Novgorod of corse), I will take a bus and in a half an hour I will be entering my dear LUNN again. Wish me luck✨

Peace and happiness to everyone who’s reading this✌️☯️ (and to everyone who isn’t, too!)

And I ask you to support the foreign students who still cannot come to Russia because of close borders (k.nadjuscha is one of them😔)

Repost this article, so the government can notice it and will make studying in Russia an official reason for entering the Russian Federation (.. which still hasn’t happened (quite obvious thing which still haven’t happened and many thousands of foreign students suffer because of it)

So, see you later in my blog, folks!


P.S. I’m already here🤓

I wish a good study day to everyone!👨🏻‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓

UPD: my first day at university was super!🔥❄️🔥❄️🔥❄️🔥❄️🔥❄️🔥❄️ 🔥❄️🔥



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