I’m still standing! Or «my Senior Year at LUNN»

  1. very simple but burning issue: stop being late everywhere – improve my time management ⏳
  2. to solve the source of the problem mentioned above: stop the f*** instantly checking everything at home from the gas stove till the door handle (have I really locked it this time?) – get rid of my OCD🥲
  3. another source of my frustration is the fact that I don’t know what I want in this life. I really mean it. I believe that once I‘ve become determined to achieve something, I could move mountains. The main point here is only to find a new sense in life…👁
  4. in order to find a new meaning of life I need to settle my internal conflicts at first (e.g. my feelings towards the breakup with Nadja, loss of parental authority, professional disillusionment, existential crisis, etc.) – rediscover myself. ❤️‍🩹💫☯️
  5. to find a way to pass exams without making a deal with my conscience – #nowar 🕊✌️
  6. to write a theses on completely new topic for me: “Socio-economic, military-political and environmental aspects of Russia’s activities in the Arctic regions” (I chose it because I got tired of “humanitarian” policy of Russian Federation and “soft power” in general #politicssucks👎
  7. the last but not the least – to decide on the possible future career for me: a diplomat?(definitely not), interpreter? mediator? external relations manager? polar explorer?…or maybe a forest ranger in a national park? – there is a lot of opportunities, but choosing was never my strong suit🫠



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Stepan Barutkin

Stepan Barutkin

just a guy who tries to live his life more or less consciously