Good evening, my blog!

Without any long introduction concerning my summer I want to proceed with my newest blogpost which is called:


Since we’ve been covering this topic at our English classes for more than a week already, I want to write a little bit about it here (lol, ofc it is just a part of my homework as always😬)

Firstly, I want to evaluate my communication skills (if there are any). Not gonna lie, most of the time I’m a talkative open-minded easygoing person. But it is not always so. Of course I’m only human and I also sometimes have a bad mood and even burnouts. Though they happen quite seldom and when I’m alone. Therefore, the people around me often see me as a “class clown”, who can cheer up the group, and who is likely to say something weird and fun in appropriate or inappropriate moments. I can agree that this is true, but there is also another side. “What side?” – you may ask me. I’ll just smile in silence and show you this meme:

Moving forward, I want to reflect on the subject of communication skills that are especially needed for effective interaction. Well, IMHO they are:

  1. Active listening and understanding the true sense of the interlocutor’s words.
  2. Charisma and eloquence to not just tell your interlocutor what you think, rather help them understand your point of view, without forcing them to change their position.

That’s why I see the perfect communication this way:

Ok, maybe my drawing is not perfect (obviously), but at least it contains the three main elements of successful communication: expression, interpretation and negotiation. And hey, this drawing was liked by my new English teacher Ms. Guzel, so piss off, haters🙄


At this point I realise that maybe my blog does not turn out the way I intended it, and even more so not as informative as the teacher expected from me when she asked me to do my homework. But (!) this is my blog and it iz what it iz

TIP: If you want to read a really detailed 6 minutes reading blog post on the topic “communication”, you should check out this guy Anatoliy Ivanov. I agree with him.

And I’m going to finish with the last subtopic concerning possible adjustments for improving my communication skills.

As for them, I probably should be more of a listener, than a speaker. I wouldn’t say that during the classes I’m such an upstart and always speak first or second. I rather wait for a good moment to insert my wise reprise, though quite often it happens so, that I don’t have time for it and then we move to the next topic. By improving my listening skills I meant conversations with the peers during the breakes between lectures. During those I usually speak more than my friends and give them more information and questions than I receive myself. Then my motto here should be “talk less, smile more”

(Aaron Burr, from musical “Hamilton”) I would change it to “talk less, HEAR more” 🤷

And, since it is already late after midnight, I’m wrapping up with this blogpost and leaving you, my dear readers, as well as me with many thoughts.

Good night/morning!


P.S. if there are (m)any mistakes, I’ll correct them tommorrow/today’s morning, nevermind👌

Thank you for reading till this! Peace!!!✌️😸



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