Belated December‘s summary

Hi 👋

In this post I’m gonna write about the highlights of the last month, December. I would also like to write about activities I’ve been part of, and the celebrations I’ve participated in.

But I’d like to start with the end of November, when we celebrated Thanksgiving day on the 28th, the last Thursday of the month. To tell the truth, that was… awkward😶 we had to prepare our welcome-performance an hour before the performance!🙀 I was chosen as a candidate to be the Turkey King, but I didn’t even know what will be in store for me… ankward performance, humiliating contests and even Stand Up🙈 I’ve been through it all, but not only me, my groupmates also. My group mate and friend Tolya was secretly taking pictures of me, then showed them to me and made fun on me, but in a friendly way. And only when the whole thing had ended, I got it off my chest. Anyway, from now, when time has past, this cEleBRaTiOn doesn’t seem to me as bad and as meaningless as then.

Let’s move on to December💫

The first important event in December was our Trip to Moscow to the Embassy of the Republic of Austria🇦🇹 (don’t confuse with Australia🇦🇺😂 ) This one-day trip by train was on the 12th of December. Me and my colleagues “diplomats” from other International Relations groups, we all saw Austrian Ambassador Johannes Aigner😲buuut… only for a minute, because he left for work and left us two of his assistants💁‍♂️ It should be noted that they both were very polite with us and carefully listen to every presentation of each university (LUNN was the first, by the way😏) Q&A section was also great and finally we had sandwiches, juice and opportunity to have a small talk with anybody it that Embassy’s Hall. Pictures from there are very fancy:

Me with Alexey Mensky
Ambassador, his assistants and LUNN’s president Boris Zhigalev
My colleague Alex Mensky is speaking to one of ambassador’s assistants
Our delegation from LUNN

The next point is Model United Nations of LUNN🇺🇳 it was on the 13th of December, on the next day after one-day trip to Moscow, so I had to prepare for it in the train on the way back home. However it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t prepared or something like that. It was challenging to have two events in two days, but I stood it. Afterwards, Model UN was one of the best opportunities for me to train my public speech, to test and improve my debate skills (and what is no less important listening to other people skills). And although I didn’t become the best speaker in my security Council Committee, at least I was one of them (so publicly said the best speaker). Now I see that my faults might be that I talked too much which made me abrasive, maybe even repulsive. Another reason of my “no-win” might be that from the very beginning, my role in our security Council Committee was to represent and protect the interests of the USA (which is called “Devil’s advocate”) and I had to ignore and refute Russia’s arguments, even if there were absolutely reasonable and logical (unlike mine). Anyway, the Model UN gave me many experience and strengthened me in my path as a diplomat😌

My God, now my post seems to me like the novel “War and Peace”, no less😅 it’s time to finishing this 5 min-reading Manifesto😂In short, if you want to know what was my second part of December like, then I recommend you to read previous post about my winter holidays, that started on the 23rd of December, with my flight to Germany 🇷🇺 ✈️ 🇩🇪

And this is all for today, see you in my next blog post!

Ciao! 😉